A target can mean many things Ilse. I studied zoology before I became an optometrist and working outdoors in the field, one should be very focused. This type of focus really helped me keep my eye on target. In particular, my clients vision.

But Ilse, the target I am referring to, is for the adventurous type who look to excel in hunting sport or thrill seekers practising their cross bow skills. They really need to make sure their aim is up to par. For the rest of us, we just enjoy going on game drives.

Even though target practice may not be your hobby, having your vision on point is your target.

Next time you find yourself lucky enough to be in one of South Africa’s amazing nature reserves on a game drive, or aiming your arrow on target, keep this in mind.

If you need prescription lenses to see clearly, or if you simply want to use the best shooting eyewear available, small frames look good and are fashionable, but not really suitable when you have to act fast. Shooting glasses in styles like aviator sunglasses, tend to be popular and won’t impair your vision.

Eyewear designed for shooters, however, has a few more features to make you more comfortable while using a firearm:

  • The frame styles generally have a “sweat bar” that runs the width of the frame above the lenses to add stability to the frame for a secure fit.

    • Nose pads that are adjustable to fit your face.
    • Some brands have special padding on the frame around the eyes. The padding cushions the frame against your face in case the gun recoils too far. This also helps to keep out wind and dust.

If you need prescription lenses, interchangeable lenses work best! There are a variety of lenses available that are best suited for the conditions of brightness or weather you may encounter. Lenses should be impact resistant to avoid any harm to your eyes.

Let’s keep our eye sight on target!

If you have more question, please do not hesitate to call me.

Love Your Eyes

Elke Smit

Elke is the owner of Eyestyle Optometrist. Her passion is to promote eye health and eye care but she is even more passionate about the people behind the eyes. The most important factor is good eyesight which gives us the ability to see the beauty in all things around us.

Your eyes are the window to your soul and most spectacle wearers wear their glasses for the better part of the day.

Choosing the appropriate eyewear is not always easy! Eyewear should feel comfortable, and suitable for everyday challenges.