Most people usually ask me what can they do to protect this most precious sense?

Seeing is an incredibly powerful ability. Most of us rely on it for almost everything we do. The most important steps you can take to protect your vision – now and in the long term is the following:

Regular eye tests – An eye examination is a vital health check. It can discover and help prevent conditions that could harm your vision – or your wellbeing. Quick, simple and painless, regular eye examinations can protect your sight and your health.

Know your family history – Some eye diseases can be genetic. Common hereditary eye conditions include age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma. Early detection is often the key to successful management or treatment, so it is important to know your family’s health history.

Healthy lifestyle – A healthy diet gives you nutrients, vitamins and anti-oxidants to help protect your eyes against harmful UV light and prevent certain eye conditions. Also, exercise helps prevent high blood pressure, which can harm your vision. Together, these two factors can help maintain a healthy body weight and prevent diabetes, which can lead to vision loss in adults.

Digital adjustment – It is important to protect your eyes against the potentially harmful effects of extended computer, laptop and smartphone use. Adjusting screen brightness, resolution and contrast, taking regular screen breaks and avoiding bright sunlight can help prevent the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome.

UV protection – UV rays can be as harmful to your eyes as to your skin – and we are exposed to UV light every day, whatever the conditions. For everyday protection, make sure you use your sunglasses!

Injury prevention – Common eye injuries can be avoided with the right eye protection. According to the American Academy of Optometry, half of eye injuries result from everyday tasks such as cooking, cleaning, gardening and DIY. Some sports and outdoor activities, such as cycling and squash, also increase the risk of eye injury.

Ensure the health of your eyes!

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Love Your Eyes

Elke Smit

Elke is the owner of Eyestyle Optometrist. Her passion is to promote eye health and eye care but she is even more passionate about the people behind the eyes. The most important factor is good eyesight which gives us the ability to see the beauty in all things around us.

Your eyes are the window to your soul and most spectacle wearers wear their glasses for the better part of the day.

Choosing the appropriate eyewear is not always easy! Eyewear should feel comfortable, and suitable for everyday challenges.