Colour should match your skin tone. Skin tone sets the tone for high fashion frames. Generally, we each fall into the fair, medium or dark skin categories.

Fair skin:

  • stay away from bright colours – will give a washed out look
  • instead opt for neutral brown, black or tortoiseshell coloured frames
  • or ‘spice it up’ with funky frame styles and detail

Medium skin:

Consider solid colours including frames that are primarily blue, green or even pink.

Darker skin:

They recommend light colours which include white, tan and gold colours.


There are frames for every way of life!

What is your lifestyle? If you are active, find a frame that can twist and bend without breaking. If you want to make a fashion or professional statement, accessorise your outfits with a variety of colour and fashion.

Frame styles:

With a wide selection of frames available, they can all be categorized into one of three styles: Full-rimmed, Semi-rimless, and Rimless.

Fully-rimmed frames have frame material entirely encircling the lenses. These are compatible with any prescription and are especially beneficial for higher prescriptions.

Semi-rimless frames have frame material that only partially encircles the lenses, with the other portion generally holding the lens with a nylon wire. These are most suitable for mild to moderate prescriptions.

Only the temples and bridge exist in rimless frames. There is no frame around the lenses at all. Keep in mind that this type of frame is not recommended for higher prescriptions or single vision reading glasses that are constantly being taken on and off as the lens insertion point often puts much stress onto the lenses themselves.

Face shapes:


The Oval shaped face:

This shape is the so-called “standard of beauty” and is therefore perhaps the easiest to fit.

  •  Face gracefully tapers toward the chin
  •  Wider forehead
  •  Prominent cheekbones

To maintain the natural balance of an oval face shape, look for frames that are as wide as (or wider than) the broadest part of the face.

Frame selection that compliments your face:

AVOID: Oversized frames

The Heart shaped face:

Your face is broadest at the forehead and tapers through the jawline to a narrow chin (pointy).

Choose angular frames with strong vertical lines where the top of the frame should complement the brow shape.

The correct frame should be fuller at the bottom, perhaps slightly down swept to the outer jawline.

Frame selection that compliments your face:

AVOID: Oval, square, round frames

The Round shaped face:

  •  Widest at cheeks
  •  Face width and length almost the same.

Try to create an illusion of slenderness wear frames that are slightly wider than the widest point of your facial outline.

Frame selection that compliments your face:

AVOID: Round Styles

The Long/Oblong shaped face:

  • Characterized by high cheekbones
  • A deep forehead with a strongly defined jawline

  • Try to achieve an effect of shortening the length of the face by choosing a ‘deeper’ frame to cover more of the face.
  • Select a frame that has top to bottom depth and contrasting temples
  • The top of the frame should complement the brow shape
  • The bottom of the frame can be rimless

Frame selection that compliments your face:

AVOID: Small frames

The Square shaped face:

  •  Forehead, cheekbones and jawline almost the same width
  •  Square and bony jawline is prominent features

Suited for frames which are:

  • slightly upswept and slightly wider than the widest part of the jaw line
  • darker oval or round frames are best
  • choose rimless and semi-rimless eyewear

Frame selection that compliments your face:

AVOID: Square or Angular frames & Light-coloured square frames

The Diamond shaped face:

  •  Characterized by high cheekbones
  •  A narrow deep forehead
  •  A small neat chin and mouth
  •  Widest at temples


  • The goal of frame selection is to soften the cheekbones
  • Chooses angular frames with strong vertical lines on both the top and bottom of the frame
  • The top should complement the brow shape
  • Bottom of the frame should be square

Frame selection that compliments your face:

AVOID: Cat eye and rectangular